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JPO Tall Rain Boots

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Art from the street , made for your feet...

Inspired by the spirit of collaboration Hollenberg Bros is excited to launch its premier limited edition rain boots featuring  JPO. 

This is a limited edition rain boot collection boasting exclusive artwork by JPO. These boots are completely unique, combining street art style with fashion to brighten ensemble on those dreary rainy days. Snagging a pair will not only add an artful twist to your raingear but will brighten up your apartment too because each pair is accompanied by a print matching the artwork on your boots. Art for your feet and apartment all in one!

JPO, known for his bold and colorful street art, will be making a splash in the world of fashion. JPO is collaborating with the Hollenberg Brothers, to create rain boots that are guaranteed to make the wearer look forward to rainy days.


 *Each order comes with a limited edition JPO print